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JAWS Clapperboard Movie Slate - static wall art

JAWS Clapperboard Movie Slate - static wall art

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Handmade JAWS inspired movie slate wall art.

I’ve been making replicas of the 1:1 scale mechanical clapper as used on the set of JAWS for a while. This version is a purely decorative static art piece for display on the wall of a living room, man cave, garage or office and this particular piece is a one of a kind.

The slate is made from premium birch plywood to the exact width and height of the original (dimensions obtained from the Prop Store who sold the original in auction). I created the graphic directly from on the actual screen used slate to make a stencil. The graphic is an accurate reproduction of the original, even down to the tiny imperfections and scratches on the lettering(see photos).

I Make these is small batches and are ready to ship. If you’d like to contact me regarding a working replica please send me a message. Mounting hook will be included for wall displays along with protective soft pads so as not to damage the wall.

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