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Small & Large Sawblade Clay Rake Sculpting Tool

Small & Large Sawblade Clay Rake Sculpting Tool

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Loop width

Round, square and arc loop tools. Available individually or as part of a set of three small (1" or 25mm wide) or three large (1.75” or 45mm wide).

I have used saw blades in the past however I tend to shy away from offering them up as they're extremely brittle. In this case though I found a solution and it's one I've been employing on almost all of my sculpting tools - Brass supports.

I used some small brass upright supports for the saw blade to stiffen the loop, minimize lateral bending or the loop collapsing. The loop is made using a band saw blade so it's extremely hard wearing. The tips of the teeth have been removed and the teeth have been sharpened for clean raking.

This tool is suitable for clays such as chavant, monster clay, WED clay or simliar. It can also be used on waxes.

The handle is made with black walnut

The overall length is around 7” or 18cm.

 As with all of my tools, they are made to order and the process can be time consuming because I won't compromise on quality or accuracy to my original drawings and measurements. I'm also a one man band so please allow for up to 10 days after the purchase date for your order to be dispatched.

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