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No.2 Fine Rake Clay Sculpting Tool

No.2 Fine Rake Clay Sculpting Tool

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Back to where it first began. This tool has evolved since I first made one over two years ago.

This rake tool is a dual-ended, dual grade rake; one end has tightly twisted piano wire for raking and blending forms.
The other is a unique loop I created when I first started out, by flattening the guitar string to give it lateral strength whilst retaining the fine teeth. This end acts half way between a regular guitar loop and a ribbon loop tool; cutting away and removing the fine surface of the forms.  

The brass uprights help to give the loop strength and minimises the risk of snapping the loop. The handle is English oak, because it’s as tough as woods come. I finish every tool with a natural oil finish and I recommend using an oil to help preserve the handle. If you do this tool will last you a lifetime.

Medium is around 6.75” long.
Large is around 7.5” long and uses coarser gauge loops

Please be aware that these tools are made to order - I typically turn orders around within a week to 10 days at the most.

Thanks and happy sculpting! :)
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