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Old Monstrosity Shop Micro Clay Sculpting Loop Rake Tools

Old Monstrosity Shop Micro Clay Sculpting Loop Rake Tools

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Micro tools.

NEW* handles now available in small size 5"(125mm) handles or standard 6" size (150mm).

These tools are hand made to order and are the most up to date versions of my popular micro tools. Each tool is around 6 inches or 150mm in length and are made with english oak. Loops 1 to 9 use a variety of different gauges of piano wire from 0.6mm right down to 0.2mm for extra fine work. These tools are ideal for detailing or working at a small scale.

Tools A to D are my twisted wire micro loops. These offer a sturdy rake for blending small forms or even creating texture.

Tools E and F are my elongated texture loop tools only come in small size handles. These tools work in multi-planar directions to created unique or nuanced textures, wrinkles and creases. Using the tips of tool F for example creates multiple elongated pore textures.

**All of the tools I’m offering up today are made to order - it typically takes a 7 to 10 working days to complete from start to dispatch.**

Please follow me on my instagram page for more tools, commission pieces and updates on deliveries - @oldmonstrosityshop.

Many thanks and happy sculpting!

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