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**PRE-ORDER** Ultra Fine Micro Rake Clay Tools

**PRE-ORDER** Ultra Fine Micro Rake Clay Tools

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**Pre-Order** shipping the first week in August, onwards.

After so many requests, I've created 4 tools for ultra fine raking. Exploring some even finer wire than I use for my other tools, Each tool is dual ended and symmetrical.

One end features even smaller twisted wire rake loops using 0.35mm wire and the other features a technique I've only recently started to employ. These loops are created by winding very fine 0.15mm piano wire around 0.45mm piano wire. The result is not dissimilar to guitar string loops but much stronger, less disposable and ALOT finer for smaller scale raking. 

The tools are approximately 6” or 152mm in length and the loops are 11/32” or around 8mm tall. 

4 tools, namely E, F, G, H following on from my other micro rake tools, are available individually or as part of a set of 4 at a discount for tooling set up.


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