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Small/Medium Fine Tooth Clay Rake Tool

Small/Medium Fine Tooth Clay Rake Tool

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A round and square ended flattened guitar loop rake tool in four sizes.

I used some small brass upright supports for each loop to allow the loops themselves to remain a little bit bigger than the wire dictates but means that there is very little flex in them at all. So for their relative size they're very strong and will endure continuous raking of forms. Suitable for sculpey, oil based clays, other polymers and wax, this tool and the pitch and depth of the twists in the wire allow for a good amount of material to be refined. I use this when defining shapes on some of the small toy figures I sculpt which stand anywhere from 40mm (1.5") to, well it doesn't matter - this loop is applicable at any scale for any detail.

The overall length is just under or 170 to 180mm. The Both the round end and square end use guitar wire that I flatten to create a ribbon loop tool which removes material unlike a regular guitar loop which tends to gather the clay into lumps. This tool is available in four sizes;

6mm (1/4")
12mm (1/2")
15mm (3/8")
18mm (3/4")
All 4 tools are available as a complete set.

All sizes are available english oak and black walnut.

 As with all of my tools, they are made to order and the process can be time consuming because I won't compromise on quality or accuracy to my original drawings and measurements. I'm also a one man band so please allow for up to 10 days after the purchase date for your order to be dispatched.
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